Idaho County Ordinances

1. Airport Rules
1A. Civil Defense
2. Sanitary Code
3. Granting WALCO a franchise
4. Granting SIMMONS SANITATION SERVICE a franchise
5. Wine by the Drink
6. Standard & Training of Peace Officers
7. Subdivision Regulations (Amended by Ord. #20)
8. Building Permit System (Repealed by Ord. #10)
9. Regulations & License of Advertising
10. (Repeals Ord. #8) Building Permit
11. Payment of County Employees for Overtime
12. Solid Waste Disposal System
13. Reduction of the Prima Facie Speed Limit within Subdivisions
14. Means for Direct Legislation of the People of Idaho County
15. Building Permit System in an all Unincorporated Area of Idaho County (Repealed by special election10/9/79)
16. (Amends Ord. #4)Simmons Sanitation Service, Inc.
17. (Amends Ord. #3) Walco, Inc.
18. Idaho County Plan Commission-Reconstitution and Appointment
19. Airport Zoning Ordinance
20. (Amends Ord. #7) Subdivision Regulation (Replaced by Ord. #59)
21. Rules of Procedure of Public Hearing
22. Establishment of Public Corporation
23. Idaho County Beer & Wine Sales
25. (Amends Ord. #1) Airport Landing Fees (Amended by Ord. #27)
26. Vacation of Copperville Streets
27. (Amends Ord #25) Airport Landing Fees
28. (Repeals Ord. #18) Dissolution of the Planning and Zoning Commission
29. Sponsor’s Authority of Execute Local Cooperation Agreement (Army Corp of Engineers-Lawyer Cr.)
30. Liquor Sales by the Drink – Sunday Sales and Extended Hours (Amended by Ord. #39)
31. State Medicaid Program Administration and Adherence to Confidentiality Statutes
32. Energizing Structures
32A. Medically Indigent Guidelines Ordinance
33. Riggins Area of Impact
34. Grangeville Area of Impact Ordinance (Amended by Ord. #41)
34A. Kooskia Area of Impact Ordinance
34B. Cottonwood Area of Impact Ordinance
35. Historic Preservation Code
36. Flood Damage Prevention
37. Consolidated Emergency Communications System
38. Use of Compression Brakes
39. (Amends Ord. #30) Liquor Sales
40. Idaho County Airport Advisory Board
41. (Amends Ord. #34) Grangeville Area of Impact
42. Prohibiting Open Burning Without a Permit
43. (Repeals Ord. #42) Pertaining to Open Burning
44. (Amends Ord. #14) County Initiative and Referendum Petition
45. Adherence to Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution
46. Establishment of Office of Disaster Management Services
47. (Amends Ord. #46) Disaster Management Services
48. Naming of Roads within Idaho County
49. Inspection System Relating to the Conversion of Manufactured Housing
50. Permit System for Installation of Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes
51. (Amends Ord. #40) County Airport Advisory Board
52. (Amends Ord. #34) Grangeville Planning and Zoning Commission
53. (Amends Ord. #49) Conversion of Mobile Homes to Real Property
54. Solid Waste (Replaced by Ord. #55)
55. (Replaces Ord. #54) Solid Waste
56. Fenn Highway District Resolution
57. Commissioner’s Meeting Day
58. (Amends Ord. #55) 2009 Solid Waste
59. (Replaces Ord. #7 & #20) Subdivision Regulations
60. Grangeville Proposed Area of Impact (Geographic Location)
61. Grangeville Proposed Area of Impact (Establishing Plans & Regulations)
62.  Establishing County Criteria for Granting Property Tax Exemptions

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