Board of Community Guardians

*Next Scheduled Meeting: January 16th, 2020, 3:30-5:00 pm Idaho County Commissioner’s Room, Idaho County Courthouse*

Administrated by the Office of the Board of County Commissioners

The Idaho County Board of Community Guardians (BOCG) are volunteer positions and no compensation will be offered for those selected for appointment to the Board. The Purpose of the BOCG is to provide legal guardianship for adult residents of Idaho County who have been deemed legally incapacitated by the court, have very limited funds and no family members or friends who are able/willing to help.

The duties of the Board members include reviewing applications for potential wards, reviewing applications for guardians and conservators, coordinating the process and appointment of guardians/conservators to particular wards, and ensuring that the needs of people already placed through the County community guardian program are properly addressed. Board meetings are held on an as needed basis.

The BOCG is currently seeking new members. Members must be at least 18 years of age. See forms on website or pick up application from Idaho County Clerk’s office. Completed applications need to be returned to same location and will be submitted to Idaho County Commissioners for consideration.

Referrals for potential wards can be made by completing Referral for Guardianship/Conservatorship form found on the website or the application can be picked up and returned to the Idaho County Clerk’s office.

The BOCG is currently seeking applicants for volunteer guardians. Please see below for the Volunteer Guardian Application or the application can be picked up and returned to the Idaho County Clerk’s office.

Board Officers:
Chair–Lynda Fox
Vice Chair — Klarey Ewing
Secretary/Treasurer — Andrea Solberg
Other Board Members —  Larry Clark, Darlene Clark, Debbie Hayes, Tara Nida, Alan Fox, Chris Hagenbuch
Board Representative — Kirk MacGregor, Prosecuting Attorney

Contact information:
Idaho County Courthouse Clerk’s office 320 West Main Rm. 5, Grangeville, ID 83530; (208) 983-2751