Rural Addressing

Idaho County working together with the US Postal Service began creating a new street address for each rural residence in the county to comply with the standards necessary to establish “Enhanced” 911 Emergency Service.

This process began in 2004 and required that postal rural route and box number style addresses be converted to a street address that consisted of a house number and street name. A physical street address is necessary to help ensure that emergency service is dispatched to the correct location.

In April 2008, the rural addressing of the Clearwater River drainage was completed which was the final stage of the rural addressing project. The rural addressing will be used to generate a Master Street Address Guide that will be used in conjunction with the Automatic Location Identification Database provided by the telephone company to help pinpoint 911 calls.

The E911 Implementation Advisory Committee will continue to make recommendations to the Governing Board of the Emergency Communication System in regards to the requirements, purchases, maintenance and enhancements to the 911 telephone system as per Idaho County Ordinance No. 37.

If you would like additional information on the “Enhanced” 911 Emergency Service progress or the E911 Implementation Advisory Committee you can contact the Idaho County Mapping Department at: (208) 983-2748


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