Taxing District Information & Forms

Idaho County has 50 taxing districts serving the needs of Idaho County citizens.  They include 8 cities, 6 school districts, 11 cemetery districts, 4 fire districts, 13 highway districts, 4 water & sewer districts, a flood control district, a hospital district, a library district, and a recreation district.  To find contact information for a particular district, please click on the Taxing District Contacts link below.

Resources for taxing districts to aid in completing their L-2 Dollar Certification of Budget Request to Board of County Commissioners can be found under the Taxing District Resources tab below.

Questions from or in regard to taxing districts as well as updates to taxing district contacts can be addressed to Deputy Auditor Carrie Kaschmitter at (208) 983-2027 or by email  Administrated by the Office of the Ex-officio Auditor and Recorder.

Taxing District Contacts
Taxing District Resources Page
Taxing District Clerk & Board Info
             *Subject to change.  For up to date information contact Dist. Clerk