Records Division

Monica Walker
208-983-1100 Ext 231
Administrated by the Office of the Idaho County Sheriff

The records division is a very busy place. As the officer’s daily reports and information comes in, it is the job of the records department to do the data entry and track cases, providing the prosecuting attorney with the information to prosecute the case when appropriate.

The records department is unable to release reports to the public without first receiving a written request for the information. Some types of information filed with the Sheriff’s Office cannot be accessed while the cases are pending adjudication through the courts.

Reports can be requested by fax, e-mail or in person at the Sheriff’s Office. The following fees apply:

Photos: Postage fees plus $1.00 for each 5×7 photo

CD (audio/video/photo):  Postage fees and $1.00 plus employee time, if over 2 hours, for each CD

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