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Frequently asked questions

Can I report a crime to the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office?


In most cases, a crime must be reported to the police department or other law enforcement agency which has jurisdiction over the city or county where the crime occurred.

For example, if the crime occurred in the City of Grangeville, it should be reported to the local police department. If the crime was committed in the unincorporated area of Idaho County, the crime should be reported to the Sheriff’s Office.

Note, however, that reports of officer or deputy misconduct should be reported to the Internal Affairs section of the officer’s or deputy’s department.


I am the victim of a crime and I want to drop charges.


Crimes are charged by the Idaho County Prosecutor’s Office on behalf of the People of the State of Idaho, not on behalf of any particular victim. The decision to file charges in any criminal prosecution can only be made by an attorney in the Prosecutor’s Office. A victim’s wishes will be considered, but the final determination whether or not charges will be filed or dismissed rests with the Prosecutor’s Office.


How do I file a domestic violence complaint with your office?


Contact your local law enforcement agency. They are responsible for the investigation of domestic violence cases. We will review the investigation report and file any appropriate criminal charges.


I was the victim of a crime. Can you tell me the defendant’s next court date?


The Prosecutor’s Office can provide you with the next court date if we have filed charges against the defendant. To obtain this information, call (208) 983-0166 for assistance.


Can I talk to Mr. MacGregor? I think he’s the person handling my case since his name is on all the documents in my case.


Mr. MacGregor is the Idaho County Prosecutor and his name appears on most court documents in your case. Mr. MacGregor’s name also appears on all Idaho County Prosecutor’s Office correspondence in your case just above the signature of the employee who wrote the letter. The person working on your case is most likely the person who actually signed the court document or letter. This is the person you should contact.


I am a defendant and I don’t like the attorney who is representing me. Can I talk to you or one of your deputies about my case?


No. All attorneys are governed by a code of ethics which prevents them from speaking directly to anyone who has an attorney. As long as you are represented by an attorney, we may speak only to your attorney. Any questions that you have about your case should be answered by your attorney.


I want a divorce. [Or, I want to sue someone. Or, I want to adopt a child.] Can the Prosecutor’s Office help me?


No, but a private attorney may be able to help you. If you do not have a lawyer, you can contact the Idaho State Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Service at (208) 334-4500. You can also file the paperwork yourself.


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