Employment Information

Do you have any job openings?
Please stop by or call our office for an employment application or use the form below to submit your application online–>.


What are your minimum hiring standards?
You must have a high school diploma or equivalent and a citizen of the United States at the time of appointment. Some divisions also have physical fitness requirements.
Must be 18 years old for dispatch position and 21 years old for jail and patrol.
What kind of background check do you perform on potential employees?
The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office has a very extensive background check that includes the following:
  • Educational History
  • Employment History
  • History of drug/narcotics usage
  • Financial/Credit status
  • Criminal History


To apply for employment please print off all three pages of the application and return them to the address on the top of the form.

Employment Application Page 1
Employment Application Page 2
Employment Application Page 3

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