Disaster Management

Jerry Zumalt – Coordinator
Administrated by the Office of the Board of County Commissioners
Idaho County Courthouse
320 West Main Street
Grangeville, Idaho 83530
Phone: (208) 983-3074
State of Idaho Office of Emergency Management

The Idaho County Office of Disaster Management is responsible for hazard identification and the mitigation of, preparedness for, response to and recovery from disasters and major emergencies within Idaho County.

The office of Disaster Management is committed to supporting the various departments, entities and elected officials in Idaho County to safeguard the public and protect our resources.

Jerry Zumalt, Coordinator, serves as the administrative head and office of record for the Local Emergency Planning Committee, receives Tier Two reports and is the point of contact for citizen inquiries.

 State, Local, and Private Nonprofits Emergency Relief Funding for Road Repair Press Release

Additional areas of focus include:

  1. Managing applications for federal and state financial assistance, grants and program coordination with county entities
  2. Maintaining inventory and records for disaster management activities and equipment
  3. Identifying and scheduling staff and volunteer training
  4. Providing public information and education.
  5. Ensuring readiness of the Idaho County’s Emergency Operations Center
  6. Developing and ensuring functionality of Idaho County’s Emergency Operations Plan, including guidelines, standard operating procedures and resource response lists.

The following resources are available to the public and geared to ensure your readiness in the event of a pandemic emergency, natural disaster or other disaster management concerns.   The best thing you can do is to be prepared by taking time to review the resources made available to you here and at the Idaho County Courthouse.


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