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What is Accepted?

We will collect the following items:

 Newspaper:  This category includes everything that was delivered with you paper, as well as:

  • Telephone Books, Paperback books, Magazines, TV Guides, Catalogues
  • White or colored office paper, envelopes, thermo paper (receipts) and discarded mail
  • Envelopes, Opened discarded mail

All paper goes in the same bin; however:

  • Place office paper and mail in a brown paper bag.
  • Place shredded paper in a clear plastic bag.

When the bag is full, roll down the top to keep the contents inside and place with the loose paper.

Keep newsprint loose!  Please don’t bundle them with string, tape or rubber bands.


Assorted Metals:  This category includes metal food and beverage containers such as:

  • Soda cans, Aluminum and Tin food cans up to 1 Gallon in size (remove labels and tin lids)

~No aluminum foil or tin lids.
~Please no paint, fuel, aerosol, propane, pesticides, or herbicide containers.  They are not acceptable!

Cardboard:  This category includes:

  • Empty boxes (remove plastic liners from cereal, food, and beverage boxes)
  • Paper sacks, liner board, paper towel and tissue cores
  • Corregated cardboard and shoe boxes

~Please no waxed or foil-coated cardboard or Styrofoam peanuts.

Assorted Plastic Bottles:  This category includes empty plastic bottles and jugs coded #1 – #7 of any color except black.

Opening MUST BE smaller than bottom of contantainer.

     Remove lids.  Labels can be left on.
~Please no containers use to contain paint, fuel, aerosol, propane, pesticides, or herbicides.  They are not acceptable!

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