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Election Results-Official

Total Precincts Reported:28 of 28
By Precinct Results Here

United States Offices Total For County Offices Total
For President For County Commissioner
Darrell L. Castle (Ind) 57 Second District 4 Year Term
Hilary Rodham Clinton (Dem) 1196 Mark A. Frei (Rep) 6842
Scott Copeland ( Con) 47
Rocky De La Fuente (Ind) 14 For County Commissioner
Gary Johnosn (Lib) 254 Third District 2 Year Term
Evan McMullin (Ind) 165 Denis B. Duman (Rep) 6980
Jill Stein (Ind) 52
Donald J. Trump (Rep) 6441n For County Sheriff
Tom Hoefling (write in) 5 Doug Giddings( Rep) 4331
Michael Smith (Write in) 2 Carlos Martinez (Ind) 3951
For County Prosecuting Attorney
For United States Senator Kirk A. MacGregor 7109
Mike Crapo (Rep) 6272
Jerry Sturgill (Dem) 1247 Justice of the Surpreme Court
Ray J. Writz (Con) 594 To Succeed Justice Jim Jones
Robyn Brody 2895
For State Offices Curt McKenzie 4238
For Representitive in Congress
First Dist Constitutional Amendment
Raul R. Labrador (Rep) 6406 HJR 5
James Piotrowski (Dem) 1701 Yes 4831
No 3009
For Legislative District #7
State Senator Good Roads/Union Independent
Carl G Crabtree (Rep) 6659 Highway District Consolidation
Ken Meyers (Dem) 1403 In Favor 94
Against 9
For State Representitive
Position A Kamiah Fire Levy
Jessica Chilcott (Dem) 1831 In Favor 374
Priscilla Giddings (Rep) 6171 Against 392
For State Representitive City of Riggins Resort Tax
Position B In Favor 157
Paul E. Shepherd (Rep) 6916 Against 57