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Idaho County Courthouse, Grangeville, Idaho

Idaho County is currently operating under a disaster declaration as fires burn in many parts of our county.

  • If you have been evacuated from your home, it is vital that you check in/register with the Red Cross.  This allows us to better understand the needs of residents as well as enable loved ones to find you.


  • If you are wanting to provide assistance or donations, the Life Center in Kamiah is coordinating many efforts to help residents who have been displaced.  They are actively providing information on their facebook page, Kamiah Donation and Distributions at www.facebook.com/kamiahdonations.  If you are able to assist, please contact the Life Center at 208-935-8677.  “While we understand and deeply appreciate the intentions behind donations of food, citizens are being encouraged to donate cash.  That is because food items are perishable and storage and distribution logistics are complicated in times of crisis like this.  We won’t turn people away but we strongly encourage citizens to donate cash.”  ~Jerry Zumalt, Coordinator for Idaho County Disaster Management.  Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security has issued the attached press release regarding communities providing donations to fire affected areas.  Click here to view IBHS press release


  • The DEQ has prepared an information sheet for residents affected by the fire.  Click to view DEQ Fire Recovery Sheet

Other Recovery Resources:


Established by the Washington Territorial Legislature in 1862, Idaho County is the largest county in Idaho, covering 8503 square miles. It is located in the north-central region of Idaho, through which the Clearwater, Salmon and Snake rivers flow. Learn about our history.

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Idaho County Commissioners
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